Doll Art by Julie Peg Dolls


Below are the instructions for our Peg Doll Kits

1. Glue on the hair buns with a clear tacky glue.

2. Measure and cut the arms to 10cm, a drop of superglue to the hands will stop them from fraying. If you like you can paint the arms in a flesh tone, or just leave white.

3. Paint the hair, eyes and stand. You can also paint on an undershirt and/or white stockings if you like.

4. After the paint is dry you can choose to apply a clear varnish, or leave it unvarnished if you prefer.

5. Cut out the skirt using the pattern. Glue to the body.

6. Add a ribbon for a top, or leave as just a painted top. You can also choose to add trim to the bottom of the skirt, this can help tidy up edges.

7. Add the legs into the stand and use to bit of bluetack to attach the head which will allow it still to be turned from side to side.

8. Insert the arms through the arm holes, use a bit of glue as you pull it through to make sure they stay in place. When dry pose the arms to suit.

9. Your Peg Doll is now finished!

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