Pan’s Labyrinths Pale Man

This is my all time favourite movie – Pan’s Labyrinths by Guillermo Del Toro!!

And my favourite character in that movie has to be the Pale Man. I am moving from sculpting fairies into more dark characters – so it is kinda fitting that I sculpt this piece since he eats fairies! 🙂

Yesterday I bent his armature to size using a heavy duty wire wound around with a fine wire. This creates a very strong armature. That was then epoxied into place on his base. This will permanently attach the sculpture to the base and ensure he is strong and safe from any cracks.

Today was the sculpting. The entire piece will be sculpted in place, as was my last piece. This includes the head, face and hands. The clay gets put down in a roughly even coverage. So the form gets mocked in completely before any detail is added. This has been a new way of sculpting for me, but it has made things easier, I believe, and makes for a much stronger sculpture that I know wont crack under the pressure of a weak armature.

So here he is after day one of sculpting….

Pan's Labyrinth - Pale Man

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