New Monster

I have recently signed up for a years subscription at Stan Winston School of Character arts. If you are interested in creating clay creations then they are certainly worth checking out. They have some amazing artists working on their site.

I spent a bit of money collecting some new supplies to be able to work the same way they do, which is a lot different to my usual methods. And after looking through a few of the tutorials I have decided to follow “Creature Design – How to Sculpt Character Maquettes” by Jordu Schell. He is a very talented, and funny, artist, and the creature he makes is awesome.

There are many features in this class that are different to my usual characters, such as it being a fat male figure and it being a monster. These are things I haven’t worked with and because of that I am going to keep pretty close to his design without deviating too much. And then will hope to do my own design on the second attempt.

Start of Monster following Jordu Schell So here is my first days work. I am happy with how the jeans are coming along, but the form needs a lot of work to make it look more fat belly and less pregnant belly.

And there is finishing the form arms and head and all the texture and detail before painting (first time using an Airbrush – should be fun!)

I am super excited about this new turn in my art, and where it will take me. So stay tuned to follow the journey with me.

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