My new Female Faun

I have put the Baby Groots aside this week to concentrate on my larger pieces. Especially as my Pale Man sold and I want to make sure I have some large pieces to showcase at Armageddon (which is coming up oh so fast!)

So here is my Female Faun. You may recognise the base, as it was taken from my first female faun, who was just too weak in the legs so I decided to scrap her and start again.

I am very happy with this one so far, its just been a couple of hours of work to muck in the basic form and to get her where she is now.

Tomorrow all the fun stuff will begin as I start taking her basic human form and turning her into a earthy tree infused faun like creature. So keep tuned in for updates! 🙂

Thanks for looking – Julie

Female Faun by Julie Sharpe
Female Faun by Julie Sharpe

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