Monster Update

IMG_5397aOkay my monster is getting on now. The form and basic structure are all in place and he is ready for some refining and smoothing before any details are added.

I am happy with how is is coming along, but I can see lots of little things wrong with him that will need fixing, especially that his mouth needs to extend more – but this will be filled with some nice pointy teeth as well, so that will help.

Jordu Monster

I am really enjoying the new techniques Jordu Schell has taught me, and really really having fun sculpting a monster instead of a fairy. So I am super excited about finishing this little guy off so I can start on my own design.

I have also been following Shannon Shea’s tutorial on making your own tools, and have made a couple of rake tools to help me with the refining precess tomorrow. I am looking forward to making lots more tools to better help me with my sculpting.

Let us know what you think so far, we would love to hear from you.

Jordu Monster

Jordu Monster

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