Emily’s Hair

Emily’s hair was sculpted out of clay in the movie, and then with the use of a mould tuned into latex. I can’t do that, but I still want the clay look. All those curls made of clay just wouldn’t be strong enough so I am going to stick with Tibetan Lambs Wool. But to get that clay look I have mixed up some Blue Genesis Heatset Paints with some TLS and have coated the wool in it. Then a quick bake with the heat gun to set both the paints and TLS. This also allows me to bend the wool in the manner I want in order for it to nicely wrap around the face. This was then glued to the head using Fabric-tac glue.

Here she is posing to show off her new hairdo, doesn’t she look great!

Note: you can click on the photo to see it bigger

Emily gets a quick pair of panties. They will be mostly covered up by the dress, but we can’t have her going commando!

Victor looks away discreetly, such a polite young man!

See our gallery for more pics of Emily and Victor, and see our next post for more updates on these two

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