Emily is finished

The skirt part of Emily’s dress is cut to shape. Since her dress is meant to have a frayed jagged edge look, and beacuse of this her dress cannot be hemmed. So after cutting the jagged parts the edge is lined with Modge Podge to stop it from fraying. The blue decoration was added after. The dress was then lightly glued to her waist ready for the top part of the dress to be added.

The top part of her dress was made from mulberry paper that has been soaked in a mixture of tacky glue and water creating a kind of paper machie effect. This was done to give it that bumpy lacy look and also to ensure she has a nice fitted bodice.

Blue highlights and tiny beads were added to complete the look

Her veil is made in a similar process using silk gauze instead. Her head piece of dead flowers in made from twisted wire and blue mulberry paper soaked in the watered down tacky glue.

Emily’s ring is made from a thin section of the same piping used to stand these dolls then glued into place.

See our gallery for more pics of Emily and Victor, and see our next post for more updates on these two

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