Corpse Bride Dolls

I am a big fan of Corpse Bride, and have always wanted to make these dolls. I have also done Jack from The Nightmare before Christmas in the past – you can see his images in my gallery. So here we go…

The armature is made using twisted wire, proportions are matched to a print out of the dolls.

Note in the image the text is flipped. That is because for some reason the dolls on the cover of the DVD have been flipped. I guess they wanted Victor on the left? Anyway I of course want the dolls to be like the are in the movie and not just on the cover

Tin foil is tightly packed around the body and then wrapped in masking tape.

This packs out the inside core of the doll, making it easier to cook as the clay is not to thick. And helps to avoid cracks due to incorrectly cooked clay.

A hand is made for Emily.

I have made this over a wire hand armature to ensure those tiny skeleton fingers are strong. I have also used a mix of white clay and Mould Maker (12:1) as I do for all my dolls to give the clay a bit of elasticity

Emily gets a new skeleton arm.

And a new skeleton leg

See our gallery for more pics of Emily and Victor, and see our next post for more updates on these two

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