Completed Doll

I decided this doll will have a frame around her.

To ensure it was nice and light I have made it out of Balsa wood. This it the amazing light wood that plane model makers use, so can be found in most model stores.

From there I used crackle paint to give it a rough paint look. And her flower was attached with a wood and clay structure.

I then decorated the flower base with a mix of moss and sand attached with super glue.

Last step is to add a touch of Glaze to her lips to give them a shine.

Don’t forget to check out the gallery where all the photos are posted here

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  1. Shelly at 4:52 pm

    Hi Julie *waves*
    Ohhh there she is!!! I just didn’t browse enough to find out that she’s already done. She is gorgeous!!! Well done!!!

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