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The BJD Creature Creature Kit was based on the original Annysia Doll but while Annysia is fully human (except for and add-on horns) this creature creator allows you to swap out the human parts with all sorts of creature parts. You can have a play with our little mix and match app here

The instructions for the Creature Kits are basically the same as Annysia, expect you have wings and a tail. I will be posting some better pictures and a video very soon

eyes_4979aStep one

You can use 6mm eyes, but if you want to hand paint or use printed irises then do this step first to make sure they dry by the time you need to insert them. Paint the base colour on both eyes.


eyes_4983aStep two

Once dry you can paint the pupils (I have gone with snake slits for this doll for a bit of fun). Or if you want to use printed irises then you can print them out, cut them out and glue them into place.


eyes_4999aStep three

You can give them extra realism by adding a dome of clear lacquer. Make sure the paint is dry and then add a small amount of a product that will set hard and clear, I like crystal lacquer. Always start small and add volume it dries.


IMG_4980aStep four

Start by laying out all the pieces checking each piece as you go. Remove all supports (two thighs and calves) by cutting or snapping them off. Check that all the holes are clear and ready to be threaded.


IMG_4981aStep five

Cut or snap the eye supports out of the eyes. Use a sharp knife or scalpel tidy up the eye lines. You can also reshape the eyes here if you wish, but go slowly – you can always take more off, but you cant add it back.


IMG_4987aStep six

If you have wings or tail thread them on separate at this point. For the wings thread one wing on, then thread both elastic ends through the back hole and around and back out the other hole (it helps to bring it out through the shoulder while you are maneuvering around these holes) thread on the second wing and tie off as tight as you can, failing to get this tight will mean the wings don’t stay up well. For the tail thread on the end part (only part if its the horse or bunny tail) then thread through the holes in the torso and tie off
inside the torso cavity. Cut all excess elastic.

IMG_4988aStep seven

Then the arms. Start at one wrist and thread on the lower arm, elbow and should. Then thread both ends through the torso and the other shoulder. Once you are through the second shoulder stop. If you have clamps you can tighten and clamp here. Then thread just one end through elbow and lower arm. Around the wrist and back up to the shoulder.


IMG_4990aStep eight

Pull the single strand until it tightens and tie with the end that is clamped. If you don’t have clamps you can just pull the elastic as tight as you can, it does hold it’s tension well. Set this piece aside to wait.


IMG_4993aStep nine

To ensure the head and headcap are a nice perfect fit I like to give both pieces a few runs over some sandpaper (or you can use a nail file). You may find it not necessary to do this step, but it can help to make the two pieces fit well.


IMG_4992aStep ten

You can now insert the magnets. Make sure when you insert the head and headcap magnets that they attract and not deflect each other. The holes should be a nice fit for the magnets, but if they are loose use glue, or if they are too tight just scrape the hole back a bit.


IMG_4995aStep eleven

Cut two pieces of elastic approx 30cm long. Thread each leg separate foot to calf to knee (locking pins down) to thigh. Then up through the hips, torso and chest.


IMG_4996aStep twelve

If you have clamps you can clamp them at the neck. Make sure you tighten each pair of elastic end separate. If you try and tighten all four ends at the same time you not not be able to get both sides as tight as they can.


IMG_4997aStep thirteen

Take each pair of elastic up through the head, making sure each pair goes to a different side of the tie bar. Tie off the ends around the tie bar, cut off the excess elastic and tuck the ends inside the head.


IMG_5001aStep fourteen

Insert the eyeballs and use the supplied eye putty to hold them in place. Insert the small rubberband around the bar at the front of the head. It helps if you stretch it tight, this can be the most fiddly part so take your time. Once you have it around the bar in the head, repeat so it goes around the front bar in the headcap. The magnets hold the back of the head and headcap together, the rubberband holds the front together.

IMG_5003aStep fifteen

Your Creature is now complete. You can pose it as desired, and use the metal plate supplied to help stand. If you want take a picture of your completed doll, send it to us and we will add it to our gallery! Any questions please use the comments below of send us a message.


IMG_0005a  image2  image4 IMG_0159
3D printed BJD by Dollartbyjulie 3D printed BJD by Dollartbyjulie
3D printed BJD by Dollartbyjulie 3D printed BJD by Dollartbyjulie
3D printed BJD by Dollartbyjulie 3D printed BJD by Dollartbyjulie
3D printed BJD by Dollartbyjulie

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